Friday, 4 December 2015

Farrier Friday

Wow, the wonderful time of the year, turned into the manic time of the year, and, before you know it: no blogposts in November.... I'll have to work on that one!

The next few weeks I will be focusing on feet, because as most of you have probably heard the saying: "No hoof, No horse" there is nothing more true than that.

As a trainer and vet you need to really build a good relationship with your farrier. Things need to be  discussed for every individual. As Erasmus said a very long time ago: "Praestat cautela quam medela".

Foot balance is everything in the equine athlete. Sometimes it takes us months to get the feet "right" or as close as possible.
Every equestrian discipline has it's own specific challenges and it's always an ongoing process to keep on top of things, there are so many different factors (multifactorial) that play into it e.g. the weather, the surface, the genetic disposition, nutrition and the day to day care.
Below is a picture of different shoes used for racehorses, so plenty to talk about on the Friday to come :)

Last but not least, never hang a horse like on that board, the opening should be facing up!

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