Friday 19 February 2016

Where are they now?

Back to blogging! Boy has the time flown by........

There are so many topics to write about, I always try to give it a current spin. 
One subject that we will always have to think about is: what happens to all the racehorses after their career? The good ones go to the breeding shed of course  but what about the geldings or the slow ones? 
I think the racing industry has a collective responsibility, a moral obligation to deal with this issue. Some racing jurisdictions are better organised than others. There are charities and rehoming centres etc.  The media always does a good job reporting about some high profile success stories, which is great.
The reality that us trainers are faced with is that more often than not the buck stops with the trainer. This can be a heavy burden to say the least.

Last year we retired a filly. Before she went to her new home and rider we taught her all the "Riding Horse ABCs" at my yard in Newmarket. We have a decent size school, with some poles etc. Different saddle, different type of mounting (no more legs up), the filly took to it and LOVED her new job. We were able to make the transition as smooth as possible for her. Thoroughbreds are so willing and intelligent, all they need is to be given the chance and they repay you. The proof is in the pictures below :)