Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Mission complete

It's been a while since the last post due to "the move"; but in normal Gansera-Leveque fashion the wheels have been in motion. 
All of the horses settled in nicely from day one, and now finally all of the moving-boxes (human living quarters) are unpacked as well. Hooray!  Pictures are starting to go up on the walls too and it's as if we have always been here. Well, ... kind of.
What a great honour to be neighbours with the living legend Bill O'Gorman. I can not recommend his book enough, have a look online and order it , you will not regret it. 

We hope the first Saint Wendred's winner hits the track soon and the sales season can commence. Bring it on! We are chomping at the bit and rearing to go!

Saint Wendred's will have a little opening do during the Newmarket Open Weekend for all owners, supporters and friends near and far, so please make sure to drop in if you are about/ in town that weekend .

On my to do list: find a suitable boulder for the Saint Wendred's sign to be placed next to the entrance on Hamilton Road.  Suggestions anyone? I know: it never gets boring…… 
Oh yeah, and more about the name Saint Wendred's in future blogs. So stayed tuned!

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  1. wishing I could be there. Have to support my ex race horse turned dressage horse at the US Arabian Sport Horse Nationals. I need to figure out how to be in two places at one time. Looking forward to our visit on the 30th.